People Are Going Crazy Over Drake's Beard

Some are jealous and some are calling it luxurious.

Drake came on the scene as a fresh-faced teen in "Degrassi," and then emerged years later as a clean cut MC with So Far Gone, but these days he's sporting a beard - and people are loving it.

He rocked it at the Apple Music event where he discussed Beats 1 and he's donned it on Instagram posts since then. Like this one, for example:

On Thursday (June 26), Drizzy shared that video from London while rocking said beard and people went nuts.

Here's a look at some more Drake beard reactions:

Some praised it for being luxurious.

Others sounded a tad bit jealous.

Some used emojis to express themselves.

Others showed their envy proudly.

Some just shared their wishes with the world.

Drizzy's beard may have the headlines now, but let's not forget about the music. Drake's gearing up for his next release, a follow-up to this year's If You're Reading This, It's Too Late, a surprise project he unleashed on us in February.

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