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Drake Unveiled Next Album News At Apple Music Announcement

And he also promoted Apple Music's Connect feature.

Today has been a big day for Apple.

The company announced Apple Music, a new streaming service that’s been talked about at length for a long time Monday, Jun. 8. And to roll out its new product at WWDC, the tech titans enlisted Drake.

“I came up here to share my story about the way technology changed what I do for a living,” he said in a speech.

But Drizzy - who was rumored to be working on a huge payday from the tech brand last week - wasn't just present to share his story. He was also there to promote Apple Music and its Connect feature.

What Is Apple Music's Connect Feature?

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During his 3-minute speech, the rapper went on to talk about how the Internet helped him find success by promoting Apple Music's Connect feature, which the The New York Times called a "social network for musicians."

"Instead of having to post your stuff on all these different and sometimes confusing places, it all lives in one very simple and easy place," Drake said. "That is Connect. It’s right from where you are in your city in front of your computer. This approach is how we broke in 2008. And it has been perfected and simplified, of course, by the great people at Apple."

That feature will be available for all artists, including unsigned acts, according to Apple.

How Will Drake Use Apple Music's Connect Feature?

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While discussing Apple Music, the If You're Reading This It's Too Late MC also took time to speak about his next LP.

"As I’m working tirelessly on this next album, this comes at the perfect time for me," he said. "Given the great success of my last mixtape that went directly to iTunes, I can’t wait to incorporate Apple Music and especially Connect to what I’m doing next. I’m really excited about what I’m working on."

Need More Apple Music Details?

The streaming service will reportedly cost $9.99 per month, but users will get their first three months of Apple Music for free.

At the event, Apple also unveiled Beats 1, a "global radio station." "No matter where you are, you can hear the same programming as every other listener," the company said.

You won't have to wait long to use these services. Apple Music is set to be available June 30.