Beyonce Blessed Laverne Cox With A Holiday Card And She Almost Died

You would have passed out too.

So, say you get a holiday card in the mail. You figure it's another a-typical "Season's Greetings!" covered in snowflakes and glitter from Grandma. But, as you scroll down past the well wishes you're suddenly stunned into a shock so hard you're legs give out and you collapse into a pile of "Holy Sh--!" on the floor.

The card reads:



That's basically what just happened to Laverne Cox. The "Orange Is The New Black" star actually received a holiday greeting from Queen Bey. Like, in real life.

"So when I opened this holiday card a few days ago and read Love @beyonce I literally fell to the floor. I was on the floor of my apartment. I have witnesses," Cox wrote on her Instagram post. "Love the #CakeByThePound sweatshirt. Thanks Bey for the gift. I have had an awesome year and this is certainly a highlight.

"Happy holidays Mrs. Carter to you and your beautiful family," she continued. "Thanks for all the amazing music and endless inspiration you've given to me and so many over the past 16 years. Since No No No I have been saying YASSS YASSS YASSS! #QueenBey foever."

A few days ago? Girl, you've been holding out on us? How do you even contain something this huge for so long!? I'm just going to assume it took you a few days to get back up off the floor after being hit with that Bey bomb.

Mrs. Carter also dropped a gift with her card: one of those sick "Cake By The Pound" sweatshirts that we've been pining over since the "7/11" music video dropped, and she even included a photo of herself donning that amazing "All I'm Really Asking For Is You" Christmas sweater.

So. Lucky. How can I get on Queen B's holiday card list?

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