'I'm F*cking Outta Here': Is Cara Really Done On 'Siesta Key'?

So far, it looks like her exit is for good

Cara most likely won't be going on Alex's boat any time soon -- or any small vessels with the Siesta Key crew if her words during tonight's episode hold weight.

"You wanted to know if I was f*cking done -- I am now!" the not-so-new girl in town declared to a producer.

But what caused the surprising statement? Cara caught up with Alex to brief him about what had unfolded in her life thus far this summer (since he wasn't around for part of it) -- and her split from Garrett was the first order of business.

"He's the first person I've never cheated on in my entire life," Cara dished. "And if I've learned anything from hanging out with you guys, it's to stop cheating and to stop lying, because people will find out about it."

Alex quickly refuted her claim about remaining loyal and said that he "knew for a fact" that she was not faithful to Garrett; she retorted that he was "literally lying."

"I don't know the name of the person, but there would be no reason for someone else to make some sh*t up having fun on the side," he said.

Alex wouldn't reveal his source, but the allegation was already damning in Cara's world. And when Alex compared Cara's breakup to his demise with Juliette, Cara was appalled.

"What do you mean? You cheated on her ass every f*cking two seconds," she snapped.

Alex eventually conceded that he believed Cara and apologized, but it was too late.

"It's called f*cking slander -- did you go to school?" Cara exclaimed. "You can't just make some sh*t up."

When Alex stressed that she needed to hear him out, she wanted no part of it and took out her frustration to a producer and stressed she was "f*cking done."

"I can't dictate what you guys say," the producer responded.

"You signed up for it," Alex stated.

Cara's possible parting words on Siesta Key? "I'm sorry that you all are f*cking up my entire life. I'm f*cking outta here," she concluded, as production took her home. And in a preview for next week's installment, Madisson states that she spoke to Cara -- and "she's leaving Siesta Key."

What do you think -- is this really the end of Cara in Sarasota? Or does she just need to cool off, and will she return? Sound off, and keep watching Siesta Key every Tuesday at 8/7c.

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