• AlexCast Member

    After getting into a bar fight a week after leaving for law school, Alex’s jaw is wired shut. It’s the talk of the town amongst friends, but barely being able to talk doesn’t stop Alex from sneaking his way back into the life of one of his exes. Only time will tell which girl from his past it is.

  • BrandonCast Member

    Brandon has the girl of his dreams and is working with a well-known music producer. As the gigs start to roll in, so do the groupies, and Brandon may have to choose between his blossoming rap career and his first girlfriend ever…Madisson.

  • ChloeCast Member

    After attempting to distance herself from the group last summer, Chloe struggles to leave her Siesta crew in the past. It has never been easy for Chloe to change her messy ways, and this fall she is about to stir the pot more than ever.

  • GarrettCast Member

    After landing Juliette at the end of the summer, Garrett is focused on making a name for himself in the fitness world. As fall approaches, Garrett and Juliette will soon find out if they are meant to be together or destined to be another summer fling in Siesta Key.

  • JulietteCast Member

    As she gets ready to head back to college, Juliette has some unfinished business in Siesta Key. Her and Garrett ended the summer together, but only time will tell if he is the one for her…especially when someone from her past comes knocking.

  • KelseyCast Member

    After a rough first summer in Siesta Key, Kelsey decides to get serious about her modeling career, but she soon realizes it may not be possible to get back to where she left off. Though modeling is her main priority, she finds herself on speaking terms with her ex Garrett again. Only time will tell if Kelsey is willing to leave the past in the past or find a way to make the past her future.

  • MadissonCast Member

    While navigating through the world of adulting, Madisson continues to search for an engineering job in Siesta Key. Though her career is virtually non-existent, her relationship with Brandon is flourishing…but being that she is his first girlfriend ever, there are bound to be some bumps in the road.