• JulietteCast Member

    As Juliette transitions from college student to fashion entrepreneur, Season 3 follows her progress toward achieving her professional goals. Her relationship with Alex is a thing of the past, but she continues to struggle with letting go. Will Juliette be able to move on in her romantic life?

  • ChloeCast Member

    Chloe is the one most likely to stir up trouble in Siesta Key. Outspoken and endlessly curious, she is both the life of the party and the one who holds others accountable. Chloe's meddling antics catch up with her in Season 3 as her friends start to put up walls in order to shut her out.

  • BrandonCast Member

    Brandon is an aspiring rapper who is coming to grips with the fact that he may need a backup plan. After years of putting his music before everything else in his life, Brandon is faced with the harsh reality that working for his dad may be the stability he needs to grow.

  • MadissonCast Member

    Madisson is America's sweetheart, but in Season 3 she's playing both sides of the fence in the Juliette and Alex divide. Madisson is still trying to figure out her next chapter in life -- she knows what she wants, but will she be able to reconcile her plans with her 46-year-old boyfriend, Ish?

  • KelseyCast Member

    Kelsey's a former international model who gave up most of her childhood for her globe-trotting career. As she settles into Siesta Key, her acceptance in the group is aided by her newfound friendship with Juliette in Season 3. Her romantic relationships are another story, as Kelsey's questionable trustworthiness continues to sabotage her chances for love.

  • GarrettCast Member

    Garrett's a muscular stud from the middle-class side of town. He is proof that hard work pays off, and in Season 3, his fitness career reaches new heights. Garrett is Siesta Key's good guy, but even good guys struggle in love.

  • AmandaCast Member

    Amanda's a "guys' girl" who's looking for fun. Allthough she's an unapologetically selfish straight shooter, Amanda struggles to let her romantic guard down in Season 3. Her inability to truly be vulnerable may be her biggest obstacle to overcome.

  • JaredCast Member

    Jared has been part of the Siesta crew since they were teens. But after high school, he took a different path: marriage and a stint in the U.S. Navy. While serving overseas, his marriage collapsed, and he returned home with deep physical and emotional wounds. Since then, he's pursued both Madisson and Kelsey -- and both women broke his heart. Will the wounded warrior ever find love in Siesta Key?