• JulietteCast Member

    Juliette has finally graduated from FSU and is starting a new chapter in her life. With a career in fashion on the horizon, Juliette must learn to balance her work and personal life. But doing so in a small town like Siesta Key will prove challenging -- especially since her new love Robby is an old friend-turned-enemy of Alex's.

  • AlexCast Member

    After allegations of cheating on Juliette proved true, Alex spent last summer on the outskirts of the group. But after months of distancing himself, he emerges back on the scene to finish his last year of law school with a new lady in his life, Alyssa.

  • MadissonCast Member

    Madisson spent the fall in Los Angeles, pursuing acting and falling in love with a much older man: former "Siesta Key" producer Ish. When Madisson returns to the Key, she must re-introduce Ish to her friends and family -- this time, as her lover.

  • BrandonCast Member

    Brandon was heartbroken when Madisson broke up with him in the fall. After months of floundering, he's taken an interest in Amanda, Siesta Key's bad girl who some people (including Madisson) don't trust.

  • KelseyCast Member

    Kelsey is back from modeling and in a committed relationship. While in L.A., she rekindled with her ex from St. Louis, and despite the distance, they're still Instagram-official. Everything boils over amid rumors of her questionable behavior and her mother's worsening health.

  • GarrettCast Member

    Garrett and Cara had a rough fall, marked by breakups and deception. When Cara returns to Siesta Key for the summer, Garrett is ready to make it work. But with Kelsey still lurking in the shadows, the beloved "Carrett" may not make it through this hot summer.

  • ChloeCast Member

    Chloe gets an opportunity to leave her boring real estate career and help Alex revamp Siesta Key's iconic Crescent Club (recently purchased by Alex's dad Gary). But her rekindled friendship with Alex presents major problems in her friendship with Juliette. Chloe disapproves of Juliette's new boyfriend Robby, and she isn't shy about voicing her concerns, which worsens their divide.

  • RobbyCast Member

    Robby hits the shores of Siesta Key and creates waves in the group… especially with Alex. Not only does he own a successful social influencing company, but he's also Juliette's new love interest.

  • AmandaCast Member

    Amanda has been a part of Siesta Key's inner circle from day one. This summer, she'll have to choose between her former fling Brandon and her ex-boyfriend JJ. But the real scandal surfaces when she finds herself in the crossfire of Robby and Juliette's relationship drama, making the group question if she can be trusted.

  • JaredCast Member

    Jared is ready to make his play for Kelsey, but their romance is short-lived when Kelsey chooses her boss Jake over Jared. Just as Jared is mending his broken heart, a surprise visit from his ex-wife Jessica sends him into a tailspin.

  • CaraCast Member

    Cara is Alex's ex-girlfriend who is back in town for the summer. When Chloe brings her around the group, she quickly fits right in with everyone except Alex's current girlfriend Juliette. Cara has to choose whether or not the drama of being in the group is worth it -- especially when she catches Garrett's attention.

  • CanvasCast Member

    Seasons 1 + 2

    Canvas takes a break from partying to reconnect with her estranged mother. As she heals, an unexpected kiss with her bestie Tawni turns her world upside down. Canvas questions if she is ready to begin a serious relationship or if she needs time to mend her relationship with her mother.