• JulietteCast Member

    Juliette is finishing her junior year at Florida State University, but distractions are everywhere when Alex's ex Cara returns to the scene. When rumors about Alex's loyalty surface, Juliette has to decide whether she stands by her man or stands up for herself.

  • AlexCast Member

    Alex realizes it's not easy to have the perfect relationship and a successful law career. When he is caught in a compromising position, not only is his relationship with Juliette ruined, but his friends turn against him, too.

  • MadissonCast Member

    Madisson lives back at home with her dad and is giving her relationship with Ben a try, but the honeymoon comes to a halt when Ben's secret circulates among their group, and Madisson must choose to forgive and forget or move on to someone else.

  • BrandonCast Member

    Brandon has a new girlfriend who isn't afraid to let her jealousy get in the way of his prosperous music career, but when Brandon collaborates with a talented new artist, their relationship is tested, forcing Brandon to choose between his dreams and his girl.

  • ChloeCast Member

    Chloe embarks on a career in real estate while keeping up her reputation as the resident pot-stirrer. Things go too far when Chloe brings around Alex's ex Cara and Chloe's darkest secret is revealed.

  • KelseyCast Member

    Kelsey is back from modeling and in a committed relationship. While in L.A., she rekindled with her ex from St. Louis, and despite the distance, they're still Instagram-official. Everything boils over amid rumors of her questionable behavior and her mother's worsening health.

  • GarrettCast Member

    Garrett focuses on his personal training business after being ghosted by Kelsey. As he picks up the pieces, he falls hard for Siesta Key's new beauty, Cara. Garrett is forced to confront issues from his past in order to prevent them from affecting his future relationship.

  • CanvasCast Member

    Canvas takes a break from partying to reconnect with her estranged mother. As she heals, an unexpected kiss with her bestie Tawni turns her world upside down. Canvas questions if she is ready to begin a serious relationship or if she needs time to mend her relationship with her mother.

  • CaraCast Member

    Cara is Alex's ex-girlfriend who is back in town for the summer. When Chloe brings her around the group, she quickly fits right in with everyone except Alex's current girlfriend Juliette. Cara has to choose whether or not the drama of being in the group is worth it -- especially when she catches Garrett's attention.

  • JaredCast Member

    Jared is Alex's archnemesis who is back home from the military and ready to catch up with his old flame Madisson. He stirs things up when he makes a surprise appearance at Alex's birthday party and finds himself in a fight with Alex while trying to rekindle things with Madisson.