Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Video Is An Action-Packed Masterpiece

We've got more than just mad love for this vid.

Stop what you're doing, because Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video is here, and it's even more epic than we could have imagined.

The Kendrick Lamar-remixed version of the song opened up the 2015 Billboard Music Awards Sunday (May 17), and it set the bar very high for the rest of the evening.

Even though T. Swift (aka Catastrophe) has been releasing posters for each of the badass women in the vid — ranging from leading lady Selena Gomez as Arsyn to her catspirations Ellen Pompeo and Mariska Hargitay as Luna and Justice — we went in questioning the actual premise.

Was it a bunch of ladies fighting each other, vigilantes cleaning up the city, or femme fatales in a riff on "Sin City"?

Frankly, it was all of the above and more, with glimpses at each starlet stealing the spotlight throughout the insane video.

The video kicked off with Taylor (Catastrophe) and Selena (Arsyn) fighting off some men in suits before Catastrophe gets stabbed in the back and kicked through a window to her death. Ouch.

But don't worry -- she was reborn and trained for a second battle by facing off against Lily Aldridge (Frostbyte), Karlie Kloss (Knockout) and other celeb pals. She raced motorcycles with Jessica Alba (Domino), had a salute with Mariska (Justice) and Ellen Pompeo (Luna), and inevitably walked out of an explosion to fight Arsyn and her crew again.

Everything was insane, from Taylor's dozens of costume and hair color changes -- she was a redhead! -- to all of these ladies wielding huge machine guns and dynamite.

Was fighting "the man" and then a dark-haired gal a subtle dig at Katy Perry, who the song is rumored to be about? Maybe, maybe not, but let's put any gossip aside and just focus on how awesome the video is.

Check it out above, and be prepared to watch it on repeat for the rest of the week (or maybe the rest of your life). Just when we thought there was no way Tay could top "Blank Space," she went and gave us this masterpiece.