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Taylor Swift Gets Crazy Murdery With Knives And Axes In 'Blank Space' Video

It's Taylor like you've always thought you've known her.

Taylor Swift has gone cuckoo.

In the new video for 1989 single "Blank Space," Taylor plays the role of a crazy, lonely bachelorette, who lives alone in a giant mansion with her cat, Olivia Benson, and some magical creatures like albino deer and white horses. Swift paints a picture of herself as the tabloids portray her -- insane and hungry for men -- and when you watch if played out on screen, you can see just how ridiculous it is.

Taylor lures a man in, and they fall in love, according to plan.

But things quickly go awry when she catches him texting.

Tay goes berserk, and it's kind of amazing.

Oops -- there goes his phone.

She takes a knife to the portrait she painted of him.

So long to those nice tuxedo shirts! Muahahaha!

Work it like Regina George

He falls for the poison voodoo apple. Sucker.

Taylor pulls a Carrie Underwood on his fancy car.

And then she stabs a cake because she's bonkers.

She can stand on a horse, which is actually pretty impressive.

Tay takes an axe to the names they carved in a tree.

I think the guy dies in the end? Whatever. She bites his lip sensually, and it's creepy.