'I Got That WAP': Will Angelina's Assets Entice Vinny On 'Family Vacation'?

Looks like the word 'Vingelina' may soon be a part of our vernacular

Word on the streets is that everyone's after Angelina's WAP these days, both foreign and domestic (Mike's words). But could that include one somewhat sensitive stripper by the name of Vinny Guadagnino?

It's certainly possible. After all, Vinny and Angelina are no strangers to sharing a little sexual tension, and this week's Jersey Shore Family Vacation was no exception. The only difference now is that both parties are (as of very, very recently) officially on the market.

"I initially thought that nothing would ever happen between Angeliner and Vinny, but I'm starting to see single Vingelina," Mike said. "It's happening." 

There's also the small fact that they already had sex once before -- enter that Jersey Shore Season 2 drunken smush in Vin's twin bed. Cue Pauly D, stating the obvious: "Vinny's single. Angelina's single. Vinny had sex with Angelina, and it might happen again. I don't feel like there's anything wrong with it, so why wouldn't they?" 

As the gang's previous beef was squashed (quite literally by another WAP a tiger), their San Diego vacation continued... and everyone noticed that the two Staten Islanders were "flirting hardcore" and "talking about sex." Specifically, Angelina brought up the "Bermuda Triangle" in between her legs at every opportunity.

"All these men are fighting over my vagina. There's a reason why," she said. "I got that WAP. It's a thing. It's like a f*cking cyclone. It sucks you in, and then once it sucks you in, your thing don't wanna come back out of it." 

Fast forward to Nikki's fancy birthday dinner, where Vinny and Ang's flirting continued, to the point where it almost looked like they were "on a date." Almost.

"They could have sat anywhere they wanted to," Pauly noted. "[But] they migrated to each other."

Maybe it was Vinny's choice of black hats or his aggressive nature when ordering appetizers, but Ang was kinda feeling it, and according to Deena, Vinny was "definitely the most intrigued that he's been."

Could there be a future for these former frenemies? Give us your predictions, then catch an all-new Jersey Shore Family Vacation Thursday at 8/7c.

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