'Jersey Shore' Rewind: These Are Vinny's Most Memorable Smushes (Angelina Included)

Sorry, bro -- but we 'all' remember when you got with 'the Rob Kardashian of Staten Island'

While we've only truly gotten a glimpse of "relationship Vinny" during a brief stint on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation -- he was unofficially inducted into the IFF (the I'm F*cked Foundation), mind you -- he's had some memorable MTV hookups. And some went down with his own roommates (watch him relive those iconic moments below).

Here's hoping Vin will find his forever soul mate (not counting his bromance with Pauly D) on Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny -- beginning on April 11 at 8/7c! But until then, let us take a look back at a few of his more memorable ladies:


Vinny's tumultuous relationship with Angelina dates back to pre-Jersey Shore times (supposedly the two knew each other in high school). But there was that one night during Season 2 when the duo put aside their differences and drunkenly hooked up. How did it go down? Let's just say that mere days after Vinny not-so-affectionately dubbed his nemesis "the Rob Kardashian of Staten Island," they made out in the cab before retreating to his twin bed -- a move the roommates won't ever let Angelinny forget.


The keto guido caught himself a little meatball during Season 2 when Nicole basically fell into his bed looking to "cuddle." Snuggling quickly turned to smushing, which Snooki later described to Sam as "putting a watermelon into a pinhole." Fast forward to Season 4, and the two hooked up again.

Erica the Twin

After a bi-curious Deena robbed Mike of half his set of twins, she brought home the hot blonde, who then quickly put the moves on Vinny. "I thought she was gonna get with Mike; I thought she was gonna get with Deena," he confessed in Season 4. "I don't know who this girl's gonna get with, but somehow she ends up on top of me." (And let's just say he didn't object.)

Miami Stripper

Vinny will be the first to admit that a "big fat booty" is his weakness. So when he was surrounded by strippers (and their butts) at a Miami club during Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, he had a hard time keeping his hands to himself (even though his girlfriend Elicea was waiting back home). While Vinny and his newfound friend didn't even so much as lock lips, his move left many (including Elicea) questioning his loyalty. Enter Pauly's shiny new "Explanation chain," and the unforgettable phrase, "You cheated!"

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