'Jersey Shore' Poll: Who Fought More -- The Guys Or Girls?

Come at me, bro!

All families fight -- something the Jersey Shore gang understands all too well.

From Florence to Seaside Heights, the roomies had their fair share of disagreements and then some. So what will their upcoming family vacation bring?

Before we get to the new episodes (April 5, yo!), catch the next Road to Vacation special airing this Thursday which features highlights of -- you guessed it! -- the "biggest blowups" to ever shake up the shore. In the meantime, we've got one question: Did the girls or guys do more of the bickering?

The Girls


Whether it was Angelina running her "dirty little hamster" mouth a million times or JWOWW going up against Sammi in an epic catfight over that damn note, the ladies definitely had a few memorable altercations over the years.

The Guys


Who can forget Ronnie's "come at me, bro" line that inspired a thousand memes? Or the time The Situation ran headfirst into a concrete wall? (That wasn't funny, but Mike rocking sunglasses with a neck brace, on the other hand...) Hey, the "G" in "GTL" has gotta count for something, and sometimes that's just giving a solid uppercut to a few clowns at Karma.

Think the gals or the guys shared more Shore scuffles? Take our poll and comment with your thoughts, then catch the Road to Vacation "Biggest Blowups" special tomorrow at 8/7c.

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