Megan Thee Stallion’s Recording Process Involves Twerking In The Booth

The rapper shows us how she makes music in new ‘Captain Hook’ clip

Megan Thee Stallion gives the world a peek into how she crafts her intricate raps in the festive new video for "Captain Hook." After writing down some lines in a notepad, she invites some friends over for a night of bun-flinging debauchery featuring Benjamin Franklin's bills, dice, glistening chests, and a cameo appearance from fellow Texas rapper Yella Beezy.

When the video starts, Megan's in full-on training mode. As she pens more bossy bars, her friend eggs her on from behind, pushing her to "Captain Hook"'s booming beat. Once it's clear that the song will probably be better off if it gets finished on another day, people begin to file through the door. Megan's friends are ready to mingle so behind them come a few guys —some shirtless, all bearded — who are ready to exchange numbers.

The fun begins. But Megan decides to keep going with the recording, surprisingly, and brings the party to the booth. While she twerks and records "Captain Hook," everyone crowds around the booth's glass wall, amped by Megan's energy and jiggling cheeks. When Yella Beezy and his friends come in with actual pirate hooks, this soirée turns into an all-out party.

"Captain Hook" is from Megan's recently released EP, Sugathat dropped last Friday (March 6). It almost didn't come out due to a lawsuit that she's currently embroiled in with one of the record labels that she's signed to, 1501 Certified Entertainment.

On the same day that the project dropped, Megan released a video for "B.I.T.C.H.," her Tupac-sampling tune about being the baddest chick in the game. In the clip, she twerks in a bubbly jacuzzi to her heart's content.

Check out Megan's "Captain Hook" video up above.

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