Kendrick Lamar Hints At 'Black Panther' Soundtrack In New 'Love' Video

Can Kung Fu Kenny get a Marvel movie?

In 2017, Kendrick Lamar, the Little Homies, and a host of directors kept the spirit of smart and challenging music videos alive. Kung Fu's Kenny's vision was so potent, we tracked his visual DNA over the course of his career and how DAMN. represented an artistic peak and culmination of years of work. Last night (December 21), Kendrick released the music video for "LOVE." directed by Dave Meyers and the Little Homies.

Kendrick's latest visual presents the highs, lows, sins, and redemption of black love. The viewer is thrust into a world where lust quickly turns to anger against Lamar's character and the transgressions he's committed against a significant other.

What makes the loose narrative of "LOVE." so vital is the inherent beauty of each woman shown within the video. We get to see silver goddesses gracefully dance across screen, Lamar's emotionally complex muse hold him down through arguments and hair braidings, and various shades of brown women intently stare through and at the viewers.

The last surprise for the visual is a potential easter egg. At the 1:54 mark, a clapperboard that reads "B. Panther Soundtrack Coming Soon" appears on the screen. It looks like Kendrick might dip his toes into the Marvel Universe by providing some music for the upcoming Black Panther film, directed by Ryan Coogler.

Last year, at San Diego Comic-Con, Coogler might've revealed Lamar's larger involvement without us knowing. After Chadwick Boseman praised Kendrick's "DNA." and how it was a perfect choice for the soundtrack, Coogler discussed the greatness of Lamar's words.

"The lyrics are amazing, a lot of Kendrick's are," said Coogler. "It's actually oddly literal for our trailer's purposes, and I think a lot of the cultural things we're dealing with in Wakanda are in the zeitgeist in the African American community."

Hopefully, this also means we can get a dance battle between Kung Fu Kenny and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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