Who's Your Favorite Ship Of 2016?

It’s time to vote the ship out of MTV Fandom’s sexiest category.

Fandom armies of the world, let’s be honest for a second: Shipping is basically our religion. When that pair you’ve been pining for finally stops dancing around the sexual tension and makes out already, there’s nothing better than shouting across social media, #TOLDYOUSO. Whether your favorite couple-to-be is still being coy, or they’ve blissfully hooked up, we want to know who your favorite ship is.

Here’s how you tell us. To vote for Ship of the Year -- aka the sexiest category at the MTV Fandom Awards -- head to MTV’s Tumblr now, and reblog or like your favorite duo. Notes = votes people, and the pair with the most will be announced during the 2016 MTV Fandom Awards, on July 24 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on MTV. While you’re at it, it couldn’t hurt to vote for the rest of the categories, including Fandom of the Year and Best New Fandom and Bandom of the Year.

So who's making us feel some type of way this year?

Olicity, Arrow

Arrow ship olicity GIF

Why? Why did this have to end?! My heart is still broken into a million pieces.

Stucky, Captain America: Civil War


When you go from besties, to mortal enemies, to besties again, there’s got to be some sexual tension there. I’m feeling it.

Finnpoe, Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars ship finnpoe

Bromance, or something much more? I can’t help but hope. Desperately, desperately hope.

Stydia, Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf ship stydia

Although Stiles is with Malia currently, I pray to the Teen Wolf gods that this changes soon. And luckily for me, Teen Wolf executive producer Jeff Davis says there will be more Stydia in the future.

Clexa, The 100

The 100 ship clexa

These two were absolutely everything until Lexa’s tragic and untimely demise. Still not over it.

West Allen, The Flash

The Flash ship westallen

When they finally kissed, I fell to the ground and praised my television screen for the gift it had given me. But will this actually become a thing next season? Fingers crossed.

Malec, Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

Shadowhunters ship

I have been waiting for these two to get together since they first locked eyes. Sure they had some roadblocks -- Clave and Alec’s parents for instance -- but in the end, their love conquered all. Sigh.

Vote now for Ship of the Year on MTV’s Tumblr page with a like or a reblog, and be sure to tune into the 2016 MTV Fandom Awards on July 24 at 8/7c on MTV to see who wins!

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