Teen Wolf Executive Producer Jeff Davis Promises More Stydia In Season 6

Teen Wolf Season 5 hasn't even been dunzo for two weeks, and we're still losing sleep over what's to come. Like, you can't leave us with a couple of damp footprints and then call it a day for a little while.

Luckily, we recently caught up with show creator Jeff Davis, who was able to give us a few tidbits about the new season, set to premiere this fall. Our favorite part? STYDIA.

"[Season 6] has a great Lydia-Stiles story," the executive producer told MTV News in the video above. "I think that'll make a lot of Stydia fans happy." Dude. JEFF. That's an understatement, man. You have no idea.

Oh, and Davis also promises not one, but three new bad guys. Good thing, because after these five baddies bit it, we were a little concerned that Scott & Co. might actually have a normal school year for once.

Get a few more Season 6 secrets from the man himself — including a huuuuge Liam bombshell — and stay tuned for more Teen Wolf updates to come right here! As soon as we get them. Promise.