Lana Del Rey's Soft, Dreamy Voice Becomes A Ominous Nightmare Whisper In New Cover

It will appear in 'Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark' when it hits theaters on August 9

Lana Del Rey loves a good cover. Her latest repurposing is Scottish singer Donovan's 1966 song, "Season of the Witch" for the upcoming horror movie Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. The full tune isn't out just yet, but a snippet of it released with the new trailer for the film, giving listeners a preview of what it'll sound like. From what has been presented to us so far, it sounds like a lot of ghoulish fun.

When you hear Lana's voice, it's like when your subconscious whispers into your head that you should wake up because you're oversleeping. It's soft and fuzzy, warm and sepia-like. That's on display in "Season of the Witch," but the brief snippet that we hear turns her dreamy voice into a calm whisper during a nightmare as it shakes and flattens. It's eerie tranquility that blows through the speaker, like mist on top of a graveyard in the middle of the night. To hear the full version of "Season of the Witch," make sure to see Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark when it comes out on August 9.

Lana recently covered Sublime's "Doin Time" which will appear on her forthcoming album Norman Fucking Rockwell when it drops on August 30. This fall, she will be heading out on tour in support of the LP.

Watch the trailer for Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark up above and listen to Lana's spooky cover.

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