The Perfect 'Hills'-Inspired Valentine's Day, Heidi And Spencer Style

Idea #1: Go to a Mexican restaurant (like Don Antonio's)

The Hills has seen many romantic relationships -- but the only couple to stand the test of time is Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. Speidi have been together since 2007 (during that time, there were three proposals and one dream wedding), and they are the lone pair from the hit MTV series to celebrate Valentine's Day in 2019 (you know, romantically). No pregnancy hoax here -- these two are the real, and everlasting, deal!

In honor of Speidi's special connection -- which will be on full display when The Hills: New Beginnings debuts in the not-so-distant future -- here's a guide to how you can have a Hills-inspired Valentine's Day based on the twosome's adventures from the iconic series. Grab some crystals (and maybe a hummingbird?), and enjoy the roundup below. Then be sure to stay with MTV News as we approach the premiere of The Hills: New Beginnings.

A meal out on the town is always a great (and sometimes inexpensive) plan.

We strongly suggest Mexican, since Don Antonio's was (and likely still is?) Speidi's "spot" (and the scene of their first Hills date). Margaritas and guacamole coming right up.

Or, if you're feeling cozy, stay in!

And really mimic Speidi by eating takeout on the floor.

Take a local field trip to a Ferris wheel...

Who knows? Maybe you'll be on the receiving end of a proposal a la Heidi.

...or book a beachy getaway.

Maybe Mexico? And similar point as above -- except you could be husband and wife.

If you're looking for something a bit more low key, art!

Specifically, graffiti a living room wall.

Last, but certainly not least, a party!

But it has to be inspired by Enzo's epic birthday bash. Having a real-life elephant may be a challenge, so a balloon or a sign of the large mammal will do.

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