5 Seconds Of Summer And The Chainsmokers Go Up In Flames In Toasty 'Who Do You Love' Video

Stop, drum, and roll!

5 Seconds of Summer and The Chainsmokers released the sunny collaboration "Who Do You Love" in February and stood across the stage from each other on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon earlier this month belting out the anthem for shady lovers. Now, they've one-upped their competition in the recently released video for "Who Do You Love" – a vicious, snarling performance battle featuring fire, sparks, and lively crowds. But fire though – there's a lot of that.

It starts off innocently enough. Both bands pull into a warehouse and exchange curious looks. Then the title card flashes on the screen that pits the two entities against each other. Eyes shrink to a glare as drumsticks twirl and instruments get suited up for the battle of a lifetime. This pop version of an Old-West showdown kicks off with the deafening flam of the drums and the roar of the crowds.

From the lights to the slick cinematography that tracks the movements and changing faces of the battle attendants, it's a slick, smooth video that demands the attention. It cranks up the intensity when the drummers get so heated that they literally combust into flames as they continue to pound the drums. They aren't even phased (save for The Chainsmokers, who look flabbergasted for a brief second) as instruments ignite and the stage does, too. As the song grows more intense, the bands trade huge waves of sonic energy before being blown back on their butts by the colliding energies.

The Chainsmokers' World War Joy tour, which features 5SOS, kicks off in September. If you're looking for more of this kind of intense battle atmosphere that grows with intensity with each note played, make sure to check it out. Hopefully no drummers catch on fire.

Take a look at the confrontational video up above.