Jaden Smith Is Set To Play Young Kanye West In An Upcoming Showtime Series

Opening the doors of perception

Jaden Smith is about to channel Kanye West in a very interesting way: playing the Yeezus rapper's younger self.

Smith has been tapped to play a young Kanye in an alternate reality in the upcoming Showtime anthology series Omniverse. The limited half-hour series is the brainchild of West himself, Scooter Braun, and writer Lee Sung Jin.

It's described as a show that will spend time "examining the many doors of perception.” There's already a pilot script in the works for the first season, which would center around exploring the concept of ego through Kanye West, or in this case, Jaden as a younger Ye.

Kanye will serve as executive producer on the project alongside Scooter Braun, James Shin, and Scott Manson on behalf of SB Projects, Braun’s own media company. Miguel Melendez and Smith will also executive produce on behalf of Westbrook Studios. Interestingly, Kanye previously parted ways with manager Braun, who works alongside artists like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. It looks like Yeezy will be working with his former manager as a free agent.

Omniverse will mark the first TV series West has been involved in. Unfortunately, as exciting as the story sounds, there aren't many details floating around about what to expect just yet. But given Kanye's somewhat out-there ideas and creative fluidity, there's no doubt we can look forward to something intriguing if he's involved.

Meanwhile, we already know Jaden (who recently dropped his last name for his new rap moniker) as an experienced actor and rapper who's very obviously taken after famous father Will Smith. His most recent acting credits include the anime-centric Netflix series Neo Yokio and The Get Down, and on the musical front he just released a three-song sampler called ERYS IS COMING.

There's no projected release date for the series just yet, but it looks like it's moving along quite nicely.

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