Ed Sheeran, Chance The Rapper, And PnB Rock Are Defenders Of Love On 'Cross Me'

If you're Thanos to their lovers, they are the Avengers

Ed Sheeran's new collection of joint songs, No. 6 Collaborationswill be out on July 12. One of the most highly anticipated tunes that will appear on the LP is his collaboration with Chance The Rapper and PnB Rock, "Cross Me," that was teased earlier this week. It's out now and it's an angry defense track for a lover, a warning that they aren't to be toyed with. But beneath the tough talk and gritted teeth, it's an adorable track about being whipped. Ah, young love.

"Cross Me" is gummy with a jelly center. Sheeran and company sing with eyes made of horned hearts across a candied bass line about coming to the defense of their partners if they have to. PnB Rock kicks things off quickly with a breathless threat that the song is built around: "Just know if you cross her then you cross me." Sheeran and Chance then come busting through the door with swords and nunchucks drawn, ready to vocalize about why it's the wrong idea to even think of trying them. Sheeran handles half of the refrain with PnB Rock while Chance raps about his wife being a force to be reckoned with: "Pew, kung pow, hit your ass with a cross kick," he raps. She's been taking CrossFit.

"Cross Me" follows the release of the Justin Bieber-assisted "I Don't Care" that came out earlier this month. The anthem about social anxiety and love received a crazy video treatment with adorably cringe-y green screen that makes it a chuckle-worthy watch. It's the only video that you'll find where a waffle cone has Justin Bieber's head and a horse's legs.

Listen to "Cross Me" up above.