After Listening to A$AP Ferg’s ‘Value,’ I Turned Into The Incredible Hulk

An energetic song that burns calories as you listen to it

A$AP Ferg is back with another soundtrack to mosh-pit mayhem, "Value." If you like to take steel bats to ceramic plates, bowls, and mugs, this is going to sound like heaven to your ears. There's never been someone who can speak the color red so fluently.

How does Ferg turn anger into charismatic, rapid-fire raps? It's anyone's guess. But just listen to how volatile "Value" sounds. If it was a Dragon Ball Z character, it'd be Vegeta in any single episode ever. Rippling bass and what sounds like smoldering guitars dot the fiery landscape as Ferg takes you through some cool happenings in his life.

He recently found a woman on Instagram that he wants to get to know in Los Angeles, so he has plans on flying out there. A$AP Rocky bought a new Ferrari, so at some point in the near future, Ferg wants to race. If there's any doubt as to what this song is made to do, Ferg outlines it early: "We gonna mosh in the party, get the fuck outta my way."

"Value" is the latest release from Ferg following his Floor Seats EP that dropped last August. The project featured "Pups," his collaboration with Rocky, "Wigs," with City Girls and Antha, and more.

Check out A$AP Ferg's Hulk-like "Value" up above.