Gender Selection: Will Catelynn And Tyler Make Sure Their Next 'Teen Mom OG' Baby Is A Boy?

It only costs 20K. Give or take

Catelynn and Tyler have always wanted a son -- remember when he exclaimed, “Son of a gun!” when he saw pink confetti at Nova's gender reveal? Or when Cate stated, "I don't want another girl" at Vaeda's? During tonight's Teen Mom OG finale, Catelynn and Ty continued their ongoing discussion about having "another one" but they both wanted to explore the possibility of ensuring a little boy.

"I want to see a gender selection doctor," Cate told Tyler and his mom Kim. "I thought about making an appointment just to find out more. What is it?"

The 16 and Pregnant lovebirds got details from the reproductive endocrinologist: The process takes about 10 weeks, including three weeks of birth control and then, after menstruation, Cate would have to take medications by injection (administered by Tyler). From there, Cate would be expected to produce about 10-14 eggs, and Tyler's sperm would then be "micro-surgically injected." This would produce embryos -- and the doctors would do microsurgery on the embryos themselves to determine that they are "genetically normal" and meet the gender Cate and Tyler desire (aka a boy). Then that specific embryo would be put back into Cate. Its cost is expected to be $22,000-$24,000.

Cate voiced some concern about how the hormones might impact her panic disorder and depression -- and also the possibility that all of the embryos would be girls.

"With our luck, it probably would be!" Cate added with a chuckle, but the doctor noted it was "unlikely" but "possible."

After the visit, the two weighed their options.

"Everything makes me nervous," Tyler admitted.

Cate stressed she wanted to have "one more" before she turned 30 (she's about to turn 28).

"Maybe we're just supposed to have girls," Cate said. "I ain't paying 20 grand for a kid."

But will she change her mind? When she and Tyler decide to expand their brood, will it happen naturally -- or after undergoing the aforementioned procedure? Give your guesses in the comments, and stay with MTV News for Teen Mom OG info.