• AmberCast Member

    Typical Midwestern teen Amber loved to party and quickly became pregnant when she dated her first real boyfriend Gary at 16 years old. Her carefree life just as quickly unraveled due to the responsibility of parenting daughter Leah. Ten years later, Amber has another child, James, with boyfriend Andrew and is open about her struggles with mental illness. When the pressure from social media reaches its breaking point, Amber must figure out a way to stay healthy for herself and her kids.

  • CatelynnCast Member

    Small-town sweethearts Catelynn and Tyler chose adoption for their first daughter Carly, and the heartbreaking decision changed their lives forever. Ten years later, Catelynn and Tyler are married with two more daughters and are trying to provide a happy home for their family. While Catelynn and Tyler navigate their rocky relationship, they also have ongoing concerns about Tyler's dad Butch. When he doesn't show up for the birth of their daughter Vaeda, they are on the brink of completely cutting him out of their lives.

  • MaciCast Member

    Maci was the all-American girl next door no one ever thought would get pregnant in high school, but after losing her virginity to bad-boy boyfriend Ryan her senior year, that's exactly what happened. Fast-forward 10 years, and Maci has an at best inconsistent co-parenting relationship with Ryan as he faces time in jail and a heroin addiction. Maci is also raising three kids with her husband Taylor while trying to expand their clothing business.

  • CheyenneCast Member

    Cheyenne had a boyfriend and a burgeoning clothing company in California when she went on The Challenge. At the reunion show, she hooked up with castmate Cory, then went back to her life with her boyfriend Zach. When Cheyenne found out she was pregnant, she thought Zach was the father, but when her daughter Ryder was born with a genetic disorder, they took a paternity test and discovered Cory was the father instead. Cheyenne broke up with Zach to put her relationship with Cory first, but he wasn't interested in getting serious and was quick to move on. Now, Cheyenne must accept another woman will be in Ryder's life.