Tyler's First Thoughts On Having A Baby Girl With Catelynn: 'I Was Pissed'

Apparently, he really wanted a son.

It's understandable that parents have a preference when it comes to the sex of their baby/babies on the way -- and Tyler made it crystal clear during this week's "Teen Mom OG" episode that he really wanted to have a mini-me. In fact, when he and fiancée Catelynn opened a piñata revealing plenty of rose-colored confetti at a gender reveal bash, the young dad was visibly upset and even declared, "Son of a gun!"

"When I found out I was having a girl, and not a boy, my first thought was [just like], Dammit," Ty explains in the "Teen Mom OG: Featured Moment" video below. "I really wanted a boy so bad."

But as time progressed, his enthusiasm grew at the prospect of having a daughter.

"We started painting her room pink and getting all the stuff for it, and I just sort of got used to it," he continues. "And now that she's here, [it's like] I can't even picture not having a girl. It's weird, but I was pissed at first."

Meanwhile, Cate had the opposite reaction.

"I was so excited that it was a girl," the mama says with a big smile. "It wouldn't have bugged me to have a boy either."

+ Why did Tyler feel so strongly about having a son? And does the couple have future plans to expand its brood? Watch the sweethearts in the video below to find out, and keep up with "TMOG" all season long on Mondays at 10/9c.