Justin Bieber Is Your Love-Boat Captain In New Series 'The Biebers On Watch'

He takes you around the lake and has an honest conversation with his wife, Hailey

Justin Bieber began the year with the promise of going deep into his personal life. He launched a YouTube docu-series called Seasons in January, which captured what the artist had endured since the 2016 cancellation of his Purpose world tour. (It included exhaustion, a Lyme disease diagnosis, and even a scary delve into his past drug use.)

That openness continued when he released his fifth studio album, Changes, in February — a collection of love songs inspired by his now-wife, Hailey. The docu-series also included tales of their relationship as well, making 2020 the most candid Bieber has ever been about his life before. And now, amid quarantine and lingering stay-at-home orders, he's continuing that streak with a new Facebook Watch show, along with Hailey. It's called The Biebers on Watch, and it debuted today (May 4).

In an age of intimate livestreamed concerts and remote collaboration, The Biebers on Watch feels like a respite from the rigors of fame. As Justin and Hailey embark on a relaxing boat ride around the lake near their home, Justin recounts his childhood growing up fishing and while he and Hailey takes turns sharing what their life together means now.

During the conversation, Hailey shares the best part about being married (the companionship), Justin shares how marriage has helped address some of the "blind spots" in his life that he was oblivious to, and all the while a peaceful lapping of waves soundtracks the entire conversation. It's Changes, but this time with a lot more input from Hailey — and, I can't stress this enough, on a boat.

Watch the entire first episode of The Biebers on Watch below, and check out more episodes dropping on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on Facebook Watch.

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