17 Signs Christmas Is Here Already And It's Way Too Soon

Hark the herald—whaaa?? It's barely November!

Guys, Halloween was basically yesterday.

Which means November just began and I have a solid three weeks or so until Thanksgiving, then I can start to think seriously about Christmas, right?? Apparently not, because now in 2014 and Christmas comes the day after Halloween. It's way too soon, I am not ready. Not physically or mentally. But Christmas is soldiering right on in whether I like it or not.

1. Starbucks has its Christmas beverages out and the red cups are already here:


That's the header on their Facebook page already. Guys, it's still the first weekend of November, just FYI.

2. Lowe's, Crate And Barrel, Macy's and more have their holiday decorations out, from your typical candles and pillows, to trees, tinsel and nutcrackers:

3. Some people already have their Christmas trees up and fully decorated.

4. K-Mart put a not-a-Christmas Christmas commercial out in September. SEPTEMBER. September is now sucked into the Christmas season I guess.

5. Snow is coming so early all over the country that it's breaking records. Even the weather is in on it.

6. These people saw wreaths at their local malls already up on Halloween. Jack-o-Lanters were nowhere in sight.

7. Annddd people are already bumping Michael Buble's Christmas album:

And they're really into it... (Me too secretly don't tell my friends. But I don't put it on till after Thanksgiving!)

8. Then there was Mariah Carey ushering in Christmas with her Halloween costume.

Hey, her Christmas album is my favorite hands down, but I still stand by my post-Thanksgiving rule for Christmas music. And when these guys heard Mariah on the radio and they were fully ready. I, however, am still not ready.

9. People are fully onboard to start watching holiday movies like "Elf" and "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" was apparently playing on Lifetime today.

10. Speaking of The Grinch, this guy heard Christmas music in the store, and had the most Grinch-like reaction to it ever (although I can relate):

11. And Lifetime isn't the only channel ready for holiday flicks. The Hallmark channel literally is alllll about Christmas already... and they already began their countdown until December 25.


Hey I have an advent calendar. It starts in December! Can I get a breather in November for a minute?

12. Radio City Music Hall has embraced Christmas full force—I wouldn't be surprised if the Empire State Building starts flashing green and red tonight.

13. Not to be outdone by Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts also has their holiday cups out:

14. If you needed a Santa hat back when it was still October, that's how our world works now I guess.

Or there's always Christamsy Cap'n Crunch:

15. Coke and Diet Coke have rolled out their annual Santa-themed products.

16. And ice skating rinks have popped up everywhere.

I wouldn't be surprised if there's mistletoe sprinkled around out there.

17. And finally—the memes are here. That's how you know it's real.

All the trick-or-treaters are probably going to change clothes real quick and just turn into carolers. I just can't prepare myself for it to be fully Christmastime yet.

What do you think? Am I being a grinch or are you ready for the holidays? Is this all happening too fast? Let us know in the comments.

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