27 Celebrities Who Put Their Everything Into This Year's Halloween Costume

Those who went for multiple costumes are my true heroes.

Okay, maybe it's because Mercury just got out of retrograde last Saturday, but it seems like every single celebrity I love had an absolutely amazing Halloween costume this year. I mean, people were going all in—from Katy Perry's Cheetos costume to Beyonce and Blue Ivy as Janet and Michael Jackson—the creativity this year was so impressive.

So why not catalogue every single effort?? In honor of All Hallow's Eve last night, here's the most complete, up-to-date list of every perfect costume that pop singers, Kardashians, movie stars and models celebrated with.

1. I can't stop staring at Ed Sheeran as Austin Powers. Yeah, baby!!

2. Big ups to Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran for this "Grease" reenactment, it's pretty much flawless.

3. Sky Ferreira did a perfect, spooky take on Mia Wallace from "Pulp Fiction."

4. Lindsay Lohan was a classic, bloody Hollywood beauty:

5. Miley Cyrus went as Godmother Dolly Parton—and her sister Brandi totally channeled Cher from "Clueless."

6. The extremely, really, really good-looking Joe Jonas went as none other than Zoolander:

7. And though he's reallllly good looking too, Miguel opted for creeptastic with this Joker costume. That green wig makes this costume.

8. Neil Patrick Harris and his adorable family—including husband David Burtka—also channeled some Gotham vibes:

9. Okay Ellie Goulding, you look cute and all... but have you been following the Redskins controversy? Any cultural appropriation discussions, specifically regarding Native American headdresses? Girl??

10. Rihanna was literally a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. RIP Me. #RIHphael forever.

NCP/Star Max

11. Britney Spears is a toned-down version of the sexy school girl, and more concerned with her two ninjas/warriors at this point, no doubt.

12. Nicki Minaj channeled both her angelic and devilish sides with a take on teacher's pet:

That easily flipped to become Bad Teacher:

13. Kim Kardashian promised us four costumes, but so far we've seen two incredible ones—a skeleton:

And...Anna Wintour?!? Flawless troll, Kim.

14. You already know Taylor Swift is going to keep things squeaky clean—no skin-baring tactics to be seen here! Enter the "Pegacorn."

Get it? It's like a pegasus mixed with a unicorn...

15. What was her 1989 collaborator Jack Antonoff up to? Rocking out as Little Orphan Annie. Now that's an original Jack idea, much respect.

16. Beyonce and Blue Ivy as Janet and Michael Jackson is really almost too much for me to handle. If Jay's going to skip out on a couple's costume, at least Bey has an excellent back-up plan.

Then later Beyonce was Frida Kahlo, because duh, one costume is not enough for Queen Bey to rule Halloween with.

17. So what was Jay Z up to while his wife flawlessly killed several different costumes? He went for a solemn Basquiat as part of an artist-themed group:

18. Yes, Katy Perry was a big, hot Cheeto. No, no one else thought this looked like something a little more... questionable except me, right?

19. Justin Bieber played up the adorable angle by dressing up as a Power Ranger with his little brother Jaxon.

Then later, he made history by becoming the first ever Power Ranger to do the shmoney dance. You proud Bobby Shmurda??

20. Demi Lovato posted up with a spooky, skeleton face with on-again off-again boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama:

21. Then later, Demi became Lucy from the classic show "I Love Lucy" (though she also kinda looks like Wilma from "The Flintstones, no?) and joined J. Lo and Iggy Azalea at a party I very much wish I had been invited to:

22. Speaking of Iggy Azalea, yes, she and a friend did dress up as the girls from "White Chicks." Yes, she really went there. Honestly, the outfits look great though.

And Iggy's "Booty" remix partner J.Lo was indeed, the DEVIL, as you can see above. But instead of posting a selfie, Jenny from the block posted this incredible video of people at her party doing the "Thriller" dance with abandon:

Like I said before, I need an invite next year.

23. Video game perfection: Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne went as Mario and Luigi!

24. After teasing her vampire fangs last week, Ariana Grande posted a peek at the razor sharp bicuspids (I'm not a dentist people, this is an approximation ok??):

We'll be waiting on a more detailed view Ari!

25. Kelly Osbourne paid homage to "The Royal Tennenbaums" with a take on Margot. Gwyneth, what do you think?

26. Heidi Klum was a rainbow-colored, incredibly detailed bug/butterfly and I can't look away:

27. On the other end of the spectrum, looks like Selena Gomez had a girls' night in with no real costume to speak of—unless you count that zebra-striped sweater.

Who did I miss? Got more celeb costumes you're dying to see included? Let us know in the comments!