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Mariah Carey Is Celebrating Christmas On Halloween

Today may be Halloween, but Mariah Carey’s already dressing up for Christmas. The Christmas Queen performed in Bangkok last night wearing a sparkly red skirt, marabou-trimmed shirt, and, of course, a Santa hat.

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But the most important question to come all of this is: did she perform "All I Want For Christmas Is You" in October? If so, why wasn't I in Bangkok last night?? Also, did she break out one of the costumes she already has ~1 billion of, or did she buy a new one especially for her Halloween costume?

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Today, she followed up her performance with a tweet where she was still wearing the Santa ensemble–and also revealed that she was about to carve a pumpkin. While most people carve pumpkins pre-Halloween, Mariah Carey is not like most people, obviously.

She followed up with a photo of herself wrist-deep in pumpkin seeds, but she is mysteriously wearing a snakeskin shirt. Gotta keep that red velvet clean, y'know?

Will Mariah keep breaking out her Santa costume until Christmas? Only one holiday separates Mariah from her fave—can she do it? I believe in her.