Cardi B Hops On A Horse Of Her Own To Join Lil Nas X On 'Rodeo'

The viral star's '7' EP is out now

At long last, Lil Nas X's debut EP is finally here. The viral star's "Old Town Road," one of the biggest songs of the year, is currently enjoying its 11th week at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, but as Lil Nas himself kept promising on Twitter, 7 isn't just a collection of country-rap. That much was clear earlier this week, when we heard his Nirvana-interpolating "Panini," but 7 showcases just how much of a style chameleon the young musician is making himself out to be.

"F9mily (You & Me)" recruits Blink-182's Travis Barker (one of the most in-demand pop maestros of 2019) to dip into pop-punk. On "Bring U Down," he sings over an alternative bass line courtesy of producer Ryan Tedder, and "C7osure (You Like)" paints a nocturnal funk panorama partly thanks to Boi-1da. And then, naturally, there's one with Cardi B.

"Rodeo," their collaboration that comes midway between the "Old Town Road" remix and the original, which bookend the EP, is yet another firmly country-rap entry in Lil Nas X's catalog. His voice lowers to that familiar register, one that sounds at home bolstered by the chunky cowboy guitar riffs underneath. The trippy visualization is littered with cacti, too.

Cardi, meanwhile, is here and gone in a flash for a 29-second verse. But while she's on, she uses the platform for appropriate desert imagery: "Last n---a did me dirty, dirty / Like a bathroom in a truck stop, truck stop / Now my heart, it feels like Brillo, I'm hard like armadillo."

The 7 EP is out now, featuring eight songs in total, including both versions of "Old Town Road." If his Twitter presence is any indication, Lil Nas X is very happy it's out in the world now.

Check out "Rodeo" above, then watch Lil Nas X's interview with MTV News below.

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