Is David Just Using His Daughter To Publish 'Finding Carter'?

After all, he did set up that fake meeting with Lori...

Adjusting to life among the Wilsons has been no easy feat for Carter Stevens, but the rebellious teen has always had her father David to lean on for support. Or has she?

The down-on-his-luck writer, who's already proven to be a bit sleazy, seemed to sympathize with Carter's pain over losing Lori on tonight's "Finding Carter" episode. He told Carter he'd arranged a meeting during which Carter and Lori could say their final goodbyes -- and the father and daughter really opened up to each other while they waited for the abductor to arrive -- but Lori never showed and, dejected, Carter went home. But the sorrow didn't stop there.

Grant, who'd caught Elizabeth and Kyle discussing their affair, finally told Carter and Taylor that their mother was cheating. But Carter, who had already given up her old life to commit to the new, wasn't willing to let the couple fall to pieces. She urged Elizabeth to come clean, but when Elizabeth did, David told her to kick rocks, and she moved out and into a hotel.

David explained to Carter that he couldn't stay in a marriage with a partner who found him to be so pathetic that she had to seek romance extraneously. So Carter played the only hand she had: She told David he could write "Finding Carter" with her blessing -- something she believed would make him feel redeemed in Elizabeth's eyes -- if it meant that Elizabeth could rejoin the family. David agreed to her terms, and soon, things were back to normal. Until that evening, that is.


Once Elizabeth returned home, she and Carter, who'd recently grown close, had a heart-to-heart. But the gooey sentiment was cut short when, during the conversation, Elizabeth unknowingly revealed to Carter that David had never set up a meeting between Carter and Lori. Elizabeth was firm on the fact that she was in the room during David's phone call and didn't hear any mention of a rendezvous. Carter, suddenly shaken, fled to her room and was forced to consider that David might not be the man she believed he was.

What do you think -- is it possible that David set up the whole fake meeting with Lori so that he could gain Carter's trust and sympathy, only to abuse her compassion for his own gain? Could he have known she'd give him the green light for "Finding Carter" if he put on a convincingly pitiful act? Or, if not, why would he have gotten Carter's hopes up to meet Lori -- only to dash them?

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