Beyoncé Looked Like An Actual Queen On The Red Carpet In Brooklyn

👑 💎 🐝

We know that Queen B has long since achieved royal status in music and pop culture at large, but Beyoncé looked the part last night in Brooklyn — and jewel tones will never be the same.

Bey's Instagram is the go-to source for all of her sartorial impulses, and the reliable documenter of her favorite outfits. Every single time she steps out for a major event, a holiday, or a special family function, you can bet that she'll post a few shots of her chosen ensemble (and as she should, because these outfits are worth appreciating long after she puts them away).

For TIDAL X 2017 — the charity concert thrown by Jay-Z's streaming service on October 17 that raised funds for natural disaster victims across the U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean — she favored a palette similar to the one she rocked for Mardi Gras, and she looked absolutely stunning in emerald green.

And deep violet.

And fur.

And gold earrings that look like they were literally plucked from the ears of a goddess and brought down to earth solely for the purpose of hanging out by Beyoncé's face.

Not exactly breaking news, but yeah: Leave it to Beyoncé to pretty much render any other green evening gown useless, because no one will look this divine in a similar frock ever again.