Kesha's Bold New Tattoo Reminds Us All To 'Live Free'

Her ink collection keeps growing

A few days after wowing fans with a powerful speech at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards last weekend, Kesha decided to get some inspirational ink. She unveiled her new tattoo, designed by Derrick Snodgrass of Oblivious Surroundings, on Wednesday (August 31) with two Instagram posts. The words "live free" are now scrawled across her knuckles as a permanent and powerful reminder to, well, live free.

Kesha already has vast collection of ink, including anchors, hearts, a gnarly narwhal, and — of course — rainbows galore. She did name her big comeback album Rainbow, after all.

"My house is covered in rainbows and, like, my life and my body [are too]," she recently joked on Good Morning America. "I have like 10 rainbow tattoos. I go to the tattoo artist [and] every time [they're] like, 'A rainbow of something?' I'm like, yeah, OK."

Kesha's latest tat may not be a colorful rainbow, but it's still "very special" to her. When her ongoing legal dispute with producer Dr. Luke began, fans and protestors rallied under the hashtag #FreeKeshaNow. Perhaps "live free" is a nod to those supporters.

"My mom is going to be soooo mad when she sees these #FREE #FREE #FREE #FREE #FREE but maybe not," Kesha wrote on Instagram. "Maaaaaybe she will understand."