The 1975's 'Frail State Of Mind' Video Makes You Want To Deep Clean Your Room

Matty Healy gets his groove on around some serious clutter

If your mind races a million miles per hour every waking second of the day, the 1975's new video for "Frail State of Mind" is perfect for you. It's the best depiction of being scatter-brained and anxious, featuring frontman Matty Healy in the midst of so many things happening at the same time. These warped computer images will convince you that everything's actually OK, even when it may not appear to be.

What's clear when watching this video is that Healy may be the calmest that he's ever been. He sits in a room decorated with countless pictures and a gigantic camera that records him and flashes images rapidly behind him constantly. Every now and then, a computer-generated face will frown and lyrics will flash across the screen. Through all of this though, Matty's calmly singing the song.

It feels like it gets more intense as it goes on, but that's just due to the nature that the high intensity never lets down. That Healy can hop up from his relaxed perch and frolic through the madness is proof that he's conquered his frail state of mind. He's found himself in the madness and made the best of it.

The 1975 recently performed "Frail State of Mind" in a similar, tornado-like manner earlier this month on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. The song will appear on their forthcoming album Notes on a Conditional Form that's set to drop on February 21.

Check out the wild video for "Frail State of Mind" up above.

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