Khalid Opens Up About His 'Chemistry' With Fifth Harmony's Normani

He tells MTV News about their possible collaboration

Is anyone in the world having a better August than Khalid?! Not only did the rising R&B star nab a VMA nomination for Best New Artist, but he kicked off the month in style by dropping a new music video for “Young Dumb & Broke.”

The nostalgia-fueled clip packs in a ton of awesome cameos, from Kel Mitchell, Wayne Brady, Rachael Leigh Cook, and Saved by The Bell actor Dennis Haskins (a.k.a. Mr. Belding). One of the coolest appearances, though, comes when Normani Kordei pops up onscreen. The Fifth Harmony singer stars as the prom queen to Khalid’s king, who’s actually one of her best buds in real life.

“Me and Normani are like this,” Khalid told MTV News, crossing his fingers. “So I was just texting her, out of nowhere, super last minute. I’m like, ’Do you wanna come to the video shoot?’ and she’s like, ’Yeah, on my way.’”

Despite the last-minute invitation, Normani showed up and rocked it. So much so, that she and Khalid may even have another collaboration in the works.

“Every time we’re around each other we always have so much fun. She’s such a cool girl, she’s so nice, and she’s such a sweetheart. I’m just thankful that she’s in the video because I’m pretty sure it’s not the first thing that we’re going to be in together,” Khalid said, smiling profusely when asked about the possibility of a collaboration. “I would love to [collaborate]. The chemistry is there, so definitely the song or the piece or whatever would be great.”

Now that’s definitely a collab getting excited about. In the meantime, catch both Khalid and Fifth Harmony performing at the VMAs this Sunday, August 27, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.