David Harbour Made Millie Bobby Brown Cry With His Critics' Choice Acceptance Speech

Stop what you're doing and watch this speech

David Harbour should give a master class in acceptance speeches. Last year, the Stranger Things actor passionately vowed to "repel bullies" and "punch some people in the face" upon accepting a Screen Actors Guild Award for the show and its cast. This year, Harbour once again delivered an impassioned speech when he accepted the award for Best Supporting actor at the Critics' Choice Awards on Thursday (January 11).

In the spirit of Time's Up — a star-studded initiative that aims to help women in all fields who are struggling with sexual harassment, discrimination, and pay disparity — Harbour evoked his character, Chief Hopper, to talk about the power of a young woman named Jane Hopper (née Eleven).

"In Stranger Things this season, Hopper spends the majority of the fall of '84 holed up in a cabin with a maturing young woman, desperately, stumblingly trying to care for her as her ever-adapting, evolving needs slip through his unsophisticated fingers, his rigid beliefs, his fear that the world isn't ready," he said. "The world isn't ready for the secret, inherent power she has inside her."

After being reunited with her long-lost sister Kali later in the season, she is "lit aflame, and she carries this fire, this light, back to Hawkins and reunites with Hopper and now he himself must be guided by the North Star of her powerful coming to being."

"She is the key to suturing the wound, resurrecting life, cleansing the infection, closing the rift," he added pointedly, before going on to thank the women who made his award-winning performance possible: his mom, his "incandescent" costar Winona Ryder, and his "sparring partner" Millie Bobby Brown.

In response to Harbour's lovely speech, Brown tweeted, "Thank you for inspiring me each day and making me realize how lucky i am to be doing this amazing job called acting."

Here's hoping Harbour seizes another opportunity at the mic at the 2018 SAG Awards later this month, where both he and his castmates are nominated. We need more speeches like this.