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Millie Bobby Brown's Running List Of Pop Star Faves Is Probably Yours Too

It's mostly Drake though

On the red carpet at the 2018 Golden Globes this past weekend, it was easy to see that the Stranger Things cast tore it up (as usual). What was even easier to see, though, was that the gang's lynchpin, Millie Bobby Brown, walked separately, mirroring her character Eleven's arc in Season 2 and also affirming that she's a star on her own.

Case in point: When Niall Horan announced he'd finally finished Stranger Things, MBB tweeted at him on Tuesday (January 9) to shout him out. Horan hit her back with "Congratulations darling, you were fantastic," because of course.

But the point here is that Brown, as a star, is never afraid to recognize fellow stars and fan out on social media — especially pop stars. Here are all the ones she stanned in 2017.

Now, does she stan her co-stars' bands Calpurnia, Post Animal, and Work In Progress as hard? We're gonna need to find out in 2018.