This Is Not A Drill: Justin Bieber Is Actually Modeling For Calvin Klein

After what feels like years of speculating about whether Justin Bieber was, in fact, on Calvin Klein's payroll, we finally (FINALLY!!!!!!!!) have confirmation. The Canadian boy wonder is for-REAL-for-real modeling for CK, underwear and all.

A snippet of a video released on the brand's Twitter account shows a shadowed figure playing the drums in all black-and-white. He's shirtless, and while the unmistakable little hair flip is evidence enough, the real tell is that sagging-past-the-crack waistline.

The brand acknowledgement comes after ten months (TEN. MONTHS.) of relentless teasing, underwear bearing selfies, mysterious hangouts with models, and, oh yea, that one time he stripped to his CK boxer briefs for a national television audience (at an event sponsored by Calvin Klein, no less.

Now that we know it's real, what else does this campaign have in store? My hope is for an almost exact frame-for-frame replica of this classic. Maybe with Cara Delevingne? Or *achem* Hailey Baldwin? A girl can dream, right?

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