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Justin Bieber Got Booed And Then Took Off All His Clothes At 'Fashion Rocks'

And I was there.

Tonight, fashion and music (our two fave things—haiiii!) were joined on stage at Fashion Rocks. Also on stage? Justin Bieber in his underwear. I saw his flesh with my own two eyes: It was taut and tan.

Bieber took the stage with Lara Stone and immediately boos erupted throughout Barclays Center. Like, a lot of boos. Perhaps to quell the #H8ERz, perhaps to show off that bod he works so hard for, Biebs took off his blazer, then his jeans, and, finally, his black tank top. And then he was standing in front of me (and, like, thousands of others but IDC about them) in a pair of Calvin Klein boxer-briefs. A Bieber striptease is not my normal Tuesday night, but, uh, I could get used to it if he wanted to make it a regular thing.

Anyway. Immediately following the stunt, Bieber took to social media to share what he just did on national television and he claimed it wasn't planned.

Pretty bold pair of underwear to be wearing on a night you didn't expect to show everyone in the U.S., eh, Justin?

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Well, Calvin Klein was an official sponsor of Fashion Rocks and we've had a sneaking suspicion that Bieber might be the next face/six-pack of CK, so the whole thing, even if unplanned, adds fuel to our fire.

So, hardcore Beliebers, it looks like if you boo your boy he'll strip—just a pro-tip from me (someone who saw him shirtless hours ago) to you.