Childish Gambino’s New Single Involves Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake And Sex

‘Redbone’ gives out the groove (and snacks)

We should’ve known that the new Childish Gambino album would work funk into the mix, given Donald Glover’s proven dexterity with bass undulations and deep, rolling riffs.

Now the next track from his forthcoming album has dropped and it’s funky as hell.

“Redbone” — which follows up “Me and Your Mama” on the Awaken, My Love! tracklist — offers Childish Gambino singing at the tippity top of his vocal register, making each and every one of those high notes count over the smooth grooves beneath them.

Glover sings of unrequited desires — or, specifically, morning sex he isn’t getting — before he starts playing a lyrical game of hard to get. Lovin’ is on the menu, as is peanut butter chocolate cake and plenty of flirtatious frustration, so plug in and turn up accordingly.

Awaken, My Love! drops December 2, exactly a month after the first season of his fantastic Atlanta wrapped on FX.