Donald Glover And Reggie Watts Make An Impromptu Funk Jam Look Like Child’s Play

Where did that falsetto come from, DG?!

Now we know what it takes to get James Corden to grin with the glee of several Car Pool Karaoke episodes rolled into one: an impromptu, unplugged collab between Donald Glover and Reggie Watts that descends into funk madness within a matter of seconds.

Glover — TV’s champion of the week thanks to his stellar new show, Atlanta, which continues to floor both ratings and critics — was invited to jam with Late Late Show bandleader Watts.

Watts gave voice to a grooving bass line, Glover got his high belt on, and before you know it, the band joined in just in time for Glover to get moving. Corden can barely contain his delight through the whole thing, but he didn’t have to for very long as Glover busted out some dance floor–ready moves the host then tried to match.

Between Atlanta, new Childish Gambino material on the way, and a chance to bust out his best falsetto, it’s easy to see why Glover’s got happy feet.