RIP Special: We're Remembering Every Poor Soul Who Got 86'd By The 'Scream' Slasher

Let's have a moment of silence, shall we?

It's a wrap.

After nine bloody murders and a whole lot of shrieking, Season 1 of “Scream” ended this week with a shocking finale: Turns out, sweet 'n innocent podcaster Piper was the one slaughtering Lakewood residents all along.

In true murder-mystery fashion, though, the episode left some loose ends -- hey, Audrey, you want to explain yourself? -- that already have us pondering what could possibly be in store for Season 2. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's have a moment of silence for all those who perished thusfar. To refresh your memory, here's a list of every poor soul who met their maker this season (RIP, guys!):


We didn’t know the resident popular guy/schemer/Nina’s boy toy for very long, but he sure made a lasting impression: The second time we saw him, his bloody head was bobbing up in a hot tub.


After successfully harassing Audrey and Rachael, Lakewood's Queen Bee planned to relax with a quiet evening at home -- but after a heart-stopping chase scene, Nina ended up face-down in the pool.


A troubled girl who was the victim of a cruel prank, Rachael seemed to find solace in Audrey -- until the killer hanged her from a second-story balcony.


Riley’s was a difficult death to swallow, as we were really rooting for her and Noah. But she put too much trust in one text message and ended up butchered on the police station's roof.



We thought we lost Will when the killer showed up to his rendezvous with Mayor Maddox, but we never could have predicted his actual death: The H.S. jock was cut in half by souped-up farm machinery!

The prison guard

When an officer was killed right outside of Mr. Branson's jail cell, were weren't just shocked by all that blood: His death managed to make the wayward teacher look even more guilty -- all while helping to introduce a stunning plot twist.

Sheriff Hudson


In one of the season's most gag-worthy moments, Maggie's beau was gruesomely disemboweled.


Wrong place, wrong time: He was stabbed and left for dead at Brooke’s house party. Who knew that using the restroom could be so dangerous?



This was one death we weren’t exactly unhappy about: After revealing herself as Brandon James' offspring (and Emma's half-sister, and umm, the killer), Piper went in for Maggie and Em. Audrey came to the rescue with a well-aimed bullet; when Piper managed to survive that, Emma took her out with one last shot. See ya, sis!

Tell us: Which death did you think was the most brutal, and which characters are you still mourning? Head to the comments with your condolences, then get ready for Season 2 of "Scream" in 2016!

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