5 Plot Twists That Could Mean (SPOILER) Is Really The 'Scream' Killer

Hey Mr. Branson, you might just be off the hook!

Juuuust when you thought Lakewood was finally safe...

Cops recently arrested Mr. Branson for the serial killings on "Scream," but it looks like they may have gotten the wrong guy. On this week's episode, the madman was still on the loose and, by episode's end, he did what he does best: attack innocent victims.

So if Mr. B isn't the enemy, who's REALLY behind the killer's mask? Thanks to Noah and Audrey -- plus podcaster Piper -- we have a brand-new suspect. Hold on to your hats, folks...it's KIERAN. Here are the top reasons Sheriff Hudson's son might just be the guy who's terrorizing Lakewood:

  1. The mismatched phone records

    When the sheriff traced the killer's calls to Emma -- and compared them to the call log on Mr. Branson's phone -- he came up empty-handed. In fact, Hudson discovered that they'd come from the not-so-nearby Wren Lake area. He soon headed there to look for clues, but man, was that a mistake: There, Hud was attacked by the Lakewood slasher. But back to those calls: Who could have driven to Wren Lake just to make them? Hmm, let's see -- Kieran was frequently MIA, plus he disappeared for a few days to allegedly deal with his parents' insurance stuff. Hey, we're just exploring possibilities...

  2. That video

    As Audrey and Noah watched the just-for-fun videos Rachel had filmed in public places, they came across some shocking footage: There, canoodling at a bar, were Nina and...Kieran. Audrey immediately jumped to conclusions: "Kieran was leaving a bar with Nina, then Nina got dead." Noah, however, defended the school's newest student, calling him a "nice" guy. Audrey's reply: "A stranger whose parents died mysteriously, and who was at a bar with the first victim, and who seduced our young ingenue who the killer's obsessed with. You mean that kind of nice?" Damn, girl -- good point.

  3. The case of the confused matriarch

    Piper and Emma tracked down and visited Brandon James' mother Cassie, but during the trio's conversation, the old woman revealed they weren't her only recent guests: "Brandon's son," she said, had stopped by the day before. "Do you remember his name?" Piper asked as Emma prodded, "Was it Seth?" When Cassie answered yes, Em believed the case was truly put to rest...until Piper later stormed into the school's Halloween dance with all-new info. "Something Cassie said struck me as weird, so I went back today," she announced, explaining that when she showed Brandon's mom a photo of Mr. Branson, the elderly lady said he wasn't the person who visited her. "Then who did?" Emma asked. Piper's startling reply: "I showed her some shots from the vigil, and she pointed out...Kieran."

  4. The convenient adios

    Emma and Kieran kicked off the school dance in high style, dressing as Uma Thurman and John Travolta and recreating the dance scene from "Pulp Fiction." But the evening quickly went downhill: When Em questioned Kieran about Rachel's video, he got so PO'd that he stormed out. Interestingly, it was just minutes later when someone turned off the lights and used a TV screen to stream live video of a wounded Sheriff Hudson tied to a tree. And gee, wasn't it convenient that Kieran had supposedly left by then?

  5. The 'something' he needed to do

    The episode ended with yet another jaw-dropper: An APB announced that Mr. Branson had escaped from prison and left a slaughtered police officer in his wake. Between the dead cop and a badly wounded Sheriff Hudson, lots of blood had been spilled that evening. And where was Kieran before the dance? Your guess is as good as ours: He was supposed to pick up Emma at her house, but as she prepared for the big event, she got a last-minute text from him. "Something I need to do," he'd SMS'd. "Can you meet me there at 8?" Gee, Kieran, did the things you "needed" to do involve a knife?

Tell us: Do you think Kieran is really the killer? Did he actually attack his own father? And what could possibly be his motive? Head to the comments and share your thoughts, and get ready for answers next Tuesday at 10/9c: It's the season finale of "Scream," and the killer WILL be revealed.