The First 8 Minutes Of 'Scream' Will Make You Get Up And Lock Your Doors...Guaranteed

Watch the (blood-soaked) preview NOW!

Warning: The following clip may cause chills, heart palpitations and -- if you're even the tiniest bit squeamish -- a little nausea.

MTV is offering an exclusive look at the very first episode of its new horror series "Scream," and in just eight minutes, we experienced all those symptoms and then some.

The show's opening scene kicks off in high gear: After high school student Nina Patterson (Bella Thorne) and her guy pal Tyler spend the evening cyberbullying a classmate -- they videotaped her engaging in some girl-on-girl action at the lake and posted it, like, everywhere -- the trouble-making twosome head home. But Nina isn't up for the nightcap (or romantic rendezvous) that Tyler suggests: She shuts him down (sorry, brah!), goes inside her tricked-out house and prepares for a dip in the hot tub.

And that's when s**t gets real.

Before long, the tables are turned on Nina: She begins receiving text messages with videoclips of HER walking through her house. And eventually, Tyler joins her in the hot tub after all. The only problem: As he bobs up in the water, it becomes apparent that he's been filleted like a fish. See what we did there?

But what happens to Nina? A mysterious murderer is still watching her -- will she be able to escape his clutches and run to safety? Or do the very first eight minutes of "Scream" kill two birds teens with one stone knife? Watch the video below to find out, then be sure to catch the full episode when "Scream" premieres on Tuesday, June 30 at 10/9c!