Watch Taylor Swift Obsess Over Her 'Gorgeous' Lyrics

Every word counts

How does Taylor Swift write a hit song? Very, very thoughtfully.

In her new AT&T series "The Making of a Song," Tay gives fans a sneak peak at her songwriting process for her forthcoming sixth album, out November 10. The first episode, which dropped Wednesday (November 1), focuses on "Gorgeous," her latest release off Reputation. She filmed the clip herself, just as she did when she used to make behind-the-scenes videos for her fans on Myspace.

For seven glorious minutes, you can watch Swift compose the song's melody and tweak its lyrics. But don't let this short video deceive you; in real life, Tay spent hours upon hours playing and singing "Gorgeous," just to get every detail right. Practice makes perfect, after all.

"Gorgeous" adds yet another love song to Swift's repertoire. This time, she's swooning over a mystery guy who's so attractive, "it actually hurts." Something tells me ibuprofen won't help with this kind of hurting.

"Love is always going to be a huge theme in what I write about, just because there are no two similar relationships," Swift told MTV News in January 2012, nine months before Red came out. "There are no two times that you feel love the same way, or hurt the same way, or rejection the same way, or frustration. It's all different, and I'm fascinated by that, as is kind of shown throughout my albums."

Some things never change. "The Making of a Song" airs November 13 on Taylor Swift NOW, Tay's DirecTV channel.

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