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Taylor Swift Swoons Over A Mystery Guy In New Song 'Gorgeous'

But who's it about? Fans have some thoughts

If you've ever harbored a serious crush on someone, you'll likely find Taylor Swift's new song, "Gorgeous," to be extremely relatable. In the latest release off Reputation, due out November 10, your girl is singing about a love-hate relationship. Why does she love him? Because he's gorgeous! And why does hate him? Also because he's gorgeous! The struggle is real.

In short, this person is so attractive, "it actually hurts." Tay gets nervous around him and "can't say anything to [his] face." He left her speechless, so she turned everything she wanted to say to him into a song, because that's what Grammy-winning pop stars do best.

Whether or not you're into "Gorgeous" on your first listen, you can trust that it'll get stuck in your head just as "Look What You Made Me Do" and "...Ready For It?" did. Fans, meanwhile, wasted zero time dissecting these new lyrics and speculating wildly about the lucky guy Tay's singing about. References to "ocean blue eyes" and an older boyfriend provide two major clues.

Perhaps we'll have more answers come November 10. In the meantime, please enjoy this video of Tay and Jack Antonoff — partners-in-crime for 1989 and Reputation — discussing the difference between writing "smart pop" music and "evil pop" music.