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Add Taylor Swift’s New TV Channel To Your Binge-Watch List

Taylor Swift NOW and chill

Swifties, pause your Netflix, because Taylor Swift has something new for you to binge-watch. This week, she launched a channel — it’s officially called a “specially curated video catalog,” but close enough — on AT&T’s DirecTV streaming service. It’ll be home to unseen Tay performances and behind-the-scenes moments.

Judging from fans’ excited tweets, Taylor Swift NOW is already available on TVs, tablets, phones, and computers subscribed to AT&T. So far, it’s aired an acoustic set of “How You Get the Girl” and a clip of the 1989 singer stopping a fan on the sidewalk after seeing her concert tee. Here’s a sneak peek via the channel’s intro vid, featuring Tay herself:

Now, does this mean Taylor Swift NOW and chill could become a thing? God help us all.