First Kiss: Who Locked Lips With Vinny On 'Double Shot At Love'?

Looks like the keto guido has definitely identified a person of interest

Vinny racked up his fair share of firsts on tonight's Double Shot at Love. Not only did he get up close and personal with Kortni's nails (her polish, not press-ons) and her affinity for the p-word (not popcorn), he shared his first kiss of the season with one lucky lady.

Exactly which one of the 17 women was the first to smooch "the chooch"?  Akielia, the stunning small-town nurse from Moberly, Missouri. On night one, the two bonded over being homebodies, leading Akielia to feel an instant connection.

"We both really like basketball, and we're both really family-oriented. I'm really excited to get to know him more," she said.

Vinny was equally enthralled: "Akielia struck me from the first time I saw her. I mean, how could she not? She's beautiful."

She further caught Vinny's eye during the group dinner, where she confessed to a passion for four-wheeling, fishing, and country music. Maybe it was her small-town charm or the revelation that she actually owns a pair of cowgirl boots — either way, Vinny selected her out of the crowd for a private post-dinner date. After popping champagne, he laid on the charm like only a true Keto Guido can.

"I've kind of been looking at you. I think you're beautiful," he said. "I can be really cool and sh*t, and when I like someone, I turn into a little kid, like a little nerd. But then when you talk to you, you're super down-to-earth."

The pair then proceeded to snuggle under a fur blanket, at which point Vinny slid into her DMs his arm around her and leaned in for the kiss. His reaction?


"This is my first kiss," he said. "I mean, kissing sets the tone for me, for the way our whole physical relationship will be. I don't know if I could have asked for a better kiss."

As for Akielia? "After our date, I'm crushing on Vinny a little bit," she said.

Vinny admitted that he hopes Akielia has "a good run," and Nikki certainly thinks she will: "Akielia is a little bit hard to read. She's not giving you too much, which I think is gonna work in her benefit because she has that mystery that Vinny is yearning for."

Their chemistry is undeniable, but do you think Akielia has staying power? Sound off with your thoughts, then tune in to Double Shot at Love next Thursday at 9/8c.

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