Dua Lipa Teaches Self-Confidence Amid A Disco Hurricane On 'Future Nostalgia'

The title track from her new album lashes out and holds no prisoners

Title tracks are the centerpieces of albums, where the ideas originate and give birth to the surrounding matter that makes the body of work complete. So Dua Lipa's explosive splash of tomorrow-pop that is "Future Nostalgia," the title track for her forthcoming sophomore LP, is an absorbing and surprising new release that says wonders about what to expect.

Not only is it a powerful look at what it means to be stronger than everyone else, but it also sounds like it is, too, with one of the most gargantuan disco atmospheres that you'll ever hear. It's the perfect balance of the past and what lies ahead.

Imagine taking a walk on a Miami Beach circa 1982. The sun's shining off your sweating scalp and you're dressed to hop right in the water after sticking your toes in the sand for a little while. This synthy scene then gets thrust into the future with robotic voices and harsh, technical roaring as robots come flying out of the water to take over the world. "Future Nostalgia" is a bit like this: completely bonkers yet irresistible as its funk roars on while keeping one foot in the world of yesterday and another in the distant, AI-led future.

Lipa radiates the confidence that the instrumental suggests in her bold and cutting words. "You can't get with this / You ain't built for this," she bellows smugly, laughing at those who would even stop to consider if they were worthy of courting her. She's on top of her game and knows it so don't even bother looking her way. Lipa is the alpha of the pack and she knows it.

Future Nostalgia is coming out in 2020. In November, Dua Lipa released the video for the LP's first single, "Don't Start Now," another gourmet buffet of funk that's going to yank you on the dance floor.

Listen to "Future Nostalgia" up above and siphon some of Dua Lipa's endless amount of self-confidence.