This Is What It Looks Like When Heidi Montag Goes Hiking

The 'Hills' alum even makes trekking through the Rocky Mountains seem glamorous.

For most people, going hiking means tossing on a paint-stained shirt, getting dirty and disgusting passersby with layers upon layers of body soil. Well, if it wasn't already clear, Heidi Montag is not most people.

Heidi Montag's Instagram


The "Hills" alum and Colorado native, who's in the middle of a visit back home to the Rocky Mountain state, shared a few photos of her trek through the mountains yesterday on Instagram. And somehow, her Vogue-worthy pose atop a fallen tree trunk steals our attention away from the scene behind her. "Waterfall hike! Rest stop," the consummate L.A. girl tweeted with the image above. Well, considering this is what she looks like while reading and here's how she relaxes poolside, we certainly wouldn't expect anything less.

Heidi Montag's Instagram


In all seriousness, though, it was nice to read that Heids and her mom Darlene enjoyed the sweeping views and fresh air side-by-side. "Loving nature with my mama!" Heidi wrote with a shot that could double as a National Geographic feature. Hope the ladies remembered their canteens!

Check out the photos, and tell us what you think of Heidi's flashy backpacking style. Next stop: Cliff Bar campaign!