Heidi Montag Relies On Self-Help Book To Guide Her Through Six-Inch Haircut

The former 'Hills' star chose some inspirational reading material as she got an updated 'do

When you, yourself, are plastered across the better part of the tabloid rack, guess you’ve gotta look elsewhere for in-salon entertainment.

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During a recent trip to her hairstylist for a mere six-inch trim, Heidi Montag dove right into “Change Your Words, Change Your Life” by Christian author Joyce Meyer — and appeared positively captivated by the book’s affirmations. The former “Hills” star, who recently traded lives with Olympic gold medalist Amanda Beard for a week on “Celebrity Wife Swap,” might love a good party, but don’t forget — she’s a small-town girl at her core and has a good thing going with the big guy upstairs. (How do you think she got such blessed follicles?)

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And speaking of the Divine, once Heids saw her updated ‘do taking shape, she couldn’t help but fawn over it. She insisted during “Wife Swap” that she’s trying to convince husband Spencer Pratt to conceive within a year, and if this is what a “mom haircut” looks like in 2014, we imagine he might just be on board.

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