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  1. Audrina looks around for a new apartment away from Hollywood, and Kristin decides if she's going to make a major change in her life, which may force Brody to make a decision about their relationship....  Read Full Summary »


  2. Brody and Kristin have a heart-to-heart, she wants to give their relationship another shot and Stephanie starts seeing someone new....  Read Full Summary »


  3. Kristin makes Brody jealous by hooking up with a local bartender and Audrina fights her attraction to Justin....  Read Full Summary »



  1. Catch up on all of your favorite 'Hills' moments before the season finale this Tuesday!

  2. Find out what's next for Audrina Partridge as she tackles life's adventures on her new show.

  3. Audrina dishes on skipping class and her first heartbreak on 'When I Was 17.'

  1. Watch Stephanie Pratt reminisce about her early passion for fashion and prom night on 'When I Was 17.'

  2. Check out all the red carpet looks and trends you'll love from Lauren, Kristin, Audrina, Whitney, and more.

  3. Audrina remembers all the ups and downs over the past 6 seasons.

  1. Watch Kristin recall her favorite (and least favorite!) run-ins since her season 5 debut.

  2. Catch up on all the drama from the final season.

  3. Think you're the biggest 'Hills' fan? Put your knowledge to the test.

Songs from the show

    1. Vaughan Penn  ‘Bring On The Day'

      Kristin, Audrina, Stephanie and Lo talk about growing up and finding out what they want from life.

    1. Natasha Bedingfield  ‘Unwritten'

    1. Timbaland feat. Katy Perry  ‘If We Ever Meet Again'

      Frankie and Taylor tell Brody that he broke Kristin's heart, and she's leaving town.

    1. 3OH!3  ‘We Are Young'

      Lo tells Stephanie she needs to pursue Josh, and Stephanie pursuades Lo to accept Scott's offer to move in together.

    1. Marie Digby  ‘Symphony'

      Kristin tells Stacie she's gotten all she could from L.A., and is ready to start over somewhere new... maybe Europe.

    1. Michelle Featherstone  ‘Tomorrow'

      Stacie urges Kristin not to leave town without telling Brody.

    1. I Fight Dragons  ‘Heads Up, Hearts Down'

      Stephanie visits Josh at the practice track, and they make their relationship official.

    1. Rihanna  ‘Fire Bomb'

      Kristin visits Brody to tell him she's moving and invite him to her going away party, but he refuses to celebrate her leaving.

    1. Eminem feat. Rihanna  ‘Love the Way You Lie'

      Audrina gets Stephanie's input on the new place on the beach she's ready to move into.

    1. Christian TV  ‘When She Turns 18'

      Kristin's friends gather near the pool at Hollywood Roosevelt to give her a proper goodbye.

    1. Kaden  ‘Live Fearless'

      Kristin and Stacie join their friends on the rooftop to celebrate their friendship, but Kristin feels more alone surrounded by happy couples.

    1. Flo Rida feat. David Guetta  ‘Club Can't Handle Me'

      Kristin's goodbye party continues as her friends toast and support her decision to move on.

    1. Phoenix  ‘Girlfriend'

      Brody arrives at the party to tell Kristin he doesn't want her to leave, and they share a bittersweet moment.

    1. Garrison Starr  ‘Everything is Changing'

      Kristin and Brody's get sentimental as they hug and realize a major chapter in their lives is ending.

    1. Jay-Z feat. Mr. Hudson  ‘Young Forever'

      Lo moves in with Scott, and he tells her he wants them to spend the rest of their lives together.

    1. Michelle Featherstone  ‘Something Better'

      Stacie helps Kristin get ready to leave LA.

    1. Natasha Bedingfield with Carney  ‘Unwritten'

      Brody and Kristin say goodbye; a look back at Lo, Audrina and Kristin's lives from Laguna to the Hollywood Hills.

About The Hills

  1. In the final season of 'The Hills' - Kristin, Audrina and Heidi learn that the people they love the most can be the hardest to hold on to.

    Kristin has made some enemies in LA, but now that her summer romance with Justin is fading, she wants to make friends. But when Kristin ditches the girls in Miami, rumors about her partying and late nights surface. Luckily, she's got her friend Brody to stand by her.

    She never really let Brody off the hook, and now they're both single -- and before they know it they go from friends, to friends with benefits. But Brody isn't looking to settle down, and soon he meets a new girl. That means Kristin taking a backseat, and that means trouble for everyone. In a city full of women that he's conquered, Brody may also have his eye on someone he's never been able to get a hold of -- Audrina.

    Audrina finds a fresh start and a true shot at happiness when she starts dating her old friend, Ryan Cabrera. Ryan is everything that Justin isn't -- and he's ready to commit. But no matter how many times she swears him off, Justin is never really out of Audrina's life. Seeing Justin playing with his band makes her wonder if Ryan is the man she really wants.

    No one has changed more than Heidi. Because of her cosmetic surgeries, Heidi has to endure the disapproval of her mother and friends. As bad as that seems, what comes next for her is even harder. A year into their marriage, Spencer is more distant from his family and friends than ever before. After years of fighting for him and their relationship, Heidi has to decide if she's ready to stand by him -- for better or worse.

    'The Hills' may be coming to an end, but it's not over until it's over. The end is just beginning.

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